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Backpacker Debt Collection Company has been established on a legal, financial and administrative background.

Backpacker Debt Collection Company has been established on a legal, financial and administrative background. The Company is fully aware of the financial and legal disputes and the means to settle them so as to stay away from litigation as much as possible while saving effort, money and time for clients.

Our Company is highly experienced in the field of collection, settlement and debt rescheduling. We deal directly with the opponent through a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are very familiar with the State laws and regulations in the area of debt and judicial disputes. We exert the necessary efforts to accelerate the collection of debts. In case there are no positive outcomes with the opponent, we shall be obliged to resort to the judiciary to settle the matter.

We deal with a group of financial and legal experts and lawyers within the State as well as outsourced advisers who are highly qualified and specialized in this field.

Our company is a financial and legal firm specializing in the settlement, collection and purchase of all types of debts whether due, overdue or bad. We take legal actions to repay debt as soon as possible.


  • Debt collection outside the scope of litigation (amicably with debtors)
  • Banks: collection of bank debt including Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Car Loans
  • Debt collection from governmental bodies, public and private companies, corporations and individuals.
  • Procuring indemnities for expropriated real estates from the government.
  • Top-notch familiarity with the legitimate authorities and regulations of commercial courts (through accredited advisers in the State of Qatar)
  • Implementation of the provisions of the International Chamber of Commerce (with regard to arbitration) and international legal firms.
  • Debt collection whether emerging (due), distressed (overdue) or bad.
  • Heirs: collecting their debts
  • Follow up, discuss and investigate failure to repay financial debts.
  • Rents: collecting rental debts.
  • Collecting debts on the local and international levels.
  • Debt collection securities: checks and bills.
  • Training college students and recent graduates.
  • Consulting: our consultants provide consultations on bad debt. In addition, they have extensive experience in both financial and legal rights.


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  • +974 4443 5330
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