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God wrote the paths of progress and development pace pairing with visions of sound and strong will of the builder of the pillars of civilization makers. Only the likes of these, God's earth and popularized them to settle human life and settle a shadow.
As always it starts small, as is the seed planting begins, here is the day you are picking the fruits of the blessed we plant, which has come too early and you succeed on the paths of glory day trip targeted some five years old.
Yes ... our company since the announcement was officially established in 2010, has managed to establish its position as a pole leading shares and still contributes to the activation of economic development taking place in our country under the wise leadership of the Emir - Prince / Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to become over time the company an integral part of the comprehensive cultural renaissance experienced by the country today is part components.
We Taking build on our expertise accumulated since 2010, and pride is always our contributions actors in shaping the economic landscape experienced by the State of Qatar today landmarks, and out of a desire serious and firm in the sustainability of our presence and continuity of our development in accordance with the proper scientific approach is consistent with our visions for the present and the future, the Board of Directors declares the blessing of Almighty God the launch of our company thus continuing innovation and development for a better tomorrow track to achieve more accomplishments economic, developmental and innovative identity solutions and best able to understand and meet the expectations of our customers.
This paradigm shift in the history of our company will have many variables to cope and the spirit of the times, whether on the human level, or technical, or was it on our products and services and economic solutions to keep up with the desires of our customers and realize their aspirations to get a product or service of the highest quality and workmanship and efficiency ratings.
The company, as today announces its launch this renewed covenant to continue its march to mobilize energies and harness all of its resources to ensure the continued excellence and the development of this economic edifice cherish all belonging to him.
On behalf of all employees of the company, I am pleased to invite you to get to know the most striking features and elements of our new identity and documenting our relationship with you all the time, asking the Lord Almighty time to help and guide us and you, and thank God before and after.

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